Week 8: 10/10 - 10/17

This week:

-> We are currently still waiting for MAC Motors reply on having them include a set of planetary gears inside the motor that we have chosen, as well as, all the dimensions of the motor.

-> We went ahead and contacted another company, SOFN, about a different motor that would also meet our motor specification. MAC Motors is taking a lot longer to reply than we anticipated, and we are behind schedule for physically having the motor in hand.

We have received CAD drawings from SOFN, which we will base all calculations and designs of our project on for now.

-> If we are to go with MAC Motors, they will be designing and implementing the planetary gearbox in the motor for us.

-> If we are to go with SOFN, the motor they suggested will have a planetary gearbox already implemented in the motor. However, they do not provide customization unless we order over 1000 units of the motor so our team will have to customize the shaft and design the casing.

-> We will not be des…

Week 7: 10/03 - 10/10

On October 03, 2018:

-> Following up with the projects, we met with our mentor to narrow down the motor that we are going to use for Makers Faire.

- Motor type:  M12500 - 3A by MAC motor
- Brushless DC hub motor
- Rated Power: 600 - 1000 [W]
- Rated Voltage: 36 [V] / 48 [V]
- Speed: 2000 - 4000 [RPM]

We are currently keeping in contact with MAC motor for more detail information, such as:
- Customizing planetary gearbox
- Exact dimensions of the motor
- Possibly customizing shaft design and length

-> We spoke with the control team to discuss KBL controller for controlling the motor speed. KBL controllers are a device that sees voltage and converts that into motor speed.

-> We spoke with our mentor about our concern about the motor overheating while running at 2 miles per hour for few minutes during Makers Faire. We believed that in order for the bogie to run at 2 miles per hour, our motor has to run at a low RPM. However, according to the specs provided by MAC m…

Week 6: 09/27 - 10/03

On 10/01:

Team members met in person in the library to work on:The team blogDiscuss future plans of the projectWork on motor requirements for other groupsDiscussing motor options for bogie Future plans execution: Gather information of desired motor specsFinding sponsors to fund the motorPlace order in for hub motorDecide on the motor (6 hub motors) Redesign the housing of the motor to fit better on the bogieFinalize on designs.Assembly and Manufacture.Finalize products on the bogieMakers Faire

Week 4: 09/12 - 09/19

Things the team did this week:

2 team members met in person to work on project revisionother 2 members keep in contact through textNarrowed down the scope of our projectGoing to buy a macmotor and then work on the controls sideNeed to modify the motor to work on a single support
This week two of our team members met with a member of the wayside team to discuss the motor specifications, as well as cost. We have decided on a 48V, 1kW motor. Mr. Swenson and David also changed our project to buying and modifying a motor instead of building one from scratch. Because of this, cost has become an issue for us, as 4 hub motors will be very expensive. The team as a whole decided to look into MAC Motors, as our mentor David has bought motors from them before and said that they are good quality, and will work well for our project. We are also looking into any potential modifications we will need to make to these motors, because the motors will take some time to get here and we need to be able to …

Week 5: 09/19 - 09/26

On 09/21:

3 team members met in person in the library to work on presentation and discuss future plans of the projectThe last member keep in contact through a group messagePresentation Sl
Future plans execution: Gather information of desired motor specsFinding sponsors to fund the motorDecide on the motor (4 hub motors)Opening the hub motors and redesign it to support a single shaft. Redesign the housing of the motor to fit better on the bogieFinalize on designs Assembly and ManufactureFinalize products on bogieMakers Faire

Week 2: 08/29 - 09/05

For Week 2 (08/29 to 09/05):

Assignments of the week:
- Lightning talk group presentation (5 minutes per group)
- Project proposal

Our team met each other in the Library on 09/04 to work on the lightning talk group presentation.
We talked about what our high power density motor (HPDM) components. Additionally, we talked
about the main objectives of our project. Following the discussion on the lightning talk presentation,
our group also discussed about the project proposal.

After meeting:
General things we talked about, things we need to research and things we need to do:

Research Motor TheoryDesign and build inrunner HUB motor8" diameter motor Figure out cooling system techniques for heat dissipationDo team and individual blogs

Week 3: 09/05 - 09/12

For week 3 (09/05 to 09/12):
This year is the first year of the High Power Density Motor Team, so many things are still undecided. With the knowledge of what we believed was the scope of our project, we came together and created a project proposal. Our industry contact, David, keep constant communication with us in helping us narrow down what was achievable throughout this upcoming year as our senior project.