Week 15: 11/28 - 12/5

This week's progress:

-> Finalized the design for the motor's case

-> Made sure our design didn't interfere with other teams' -> Found a place to buy aluminum stock for a good price if we need to have to buy the materials for the case ourselves Future progress:
-> Run FEA analysis on the new shaft design and motor case.
-> Find a manufacturer for the cases
-> Finish the Final Report for the semester

Week 14: 11/21 - 11/28

This week's progress:

Prototype progress:
There were some complications getting our prototype 3D printed with MEP, but we were able to figure it out and present 2 different concepts during our presentation.

Machine shop progress:
SJSU's central shop has not replied to our inquiry, so we have looked into other machine shops that would manufacture our motor casing. We have a couple of shops on our list with the invoice and time needed to complete the job, but we would like to look into more shops before finalizing.

Material progress:
From previous week, Dr. Furman agreed on Aluminum as our material, we did some research online to get a rough estimation of the price of aluminum stocks. For a budget price below $500, we will be getting Aluminum 2024-T351 and Aluminum 6061-T6511. Both types are good for machining and can withstand high load.
However, after speaking with several shops, we will not need to order our own material. Certain machine shops will order the stock of our choi…

Week 13: 11/14 - 11/21

This week's progress:

CAD Drawings:
We are done with the new shaft design and the potential designs for the motor case. Originally, we have one case design that we agreed on, which is a metal case that goes over the whole motor case that we are going to receive from XOFO. However, we also made an alternative design that only goes over the motor itself. Both of these designs are going to be presented on Presentation #3.

Prototype progress:
Since all the CAD models have been completed, we are going to start sending the STL files to MEP for 3D printing. We are planning to have these 3D prints ready before the last presentation so that we can present them to the rest.

Machine shop progress:
We talked to SJSU's Central Shop as recommended by Dr. Furman. We have sent a service inquiry to them, but have not received any replies from them. We are planning to visit them as soon as possible to start an early prototyping.

Material progress:
-> Since Dr. Furman agreed on Aluminum as ou…

Week 12: 11/8 - 11/14

This week's progress:

-> Our team received the controller that we purchased from KBL and got it delivered to the controls team.

-> We are done with the new shaft design (will be presented during presentation #3). As of now, we are working on the drawing of the motor case. We went over several potential designs with Dr. Furman and we came to an agreement on one of them.

-> We are aiming to finish the CAD design for the motor case by this week. Once done, we will send the drawings to MEP for 3D printing.

-> We talked to Dr. Furman about recommendations on machine shop, and he suggested the Central Shop at SJSU's College of Engineering. We contacted Central Shop to start a service request, but we are also looking for any other potential machine shops for back-ups.

-> We looked into what material our shaft and case would be. We discussed with Dr. Furman about this, and we came to an agreement of using aluminum as the material for shaft and case. We are also thinking…

Week 11: 10/31 - 11/7

This week:

All decisions were made with Dr. Furman's approval:

-> Purchased one KBL controller for controls team to run the necessary tests. The controller will arrive on Thursday 11/8 by 10:30 AM. (Paid a total of $100)

-> Purchased 3 XOFO motors. Motors will take 3 weeks to be manufactured and shipping will take approximately a week. We expect to have motors before the end of the month, most likely after Thanksgiving. (Paid a total of around $700)

-> We are scrapping previous CAD design of the shaft. Project scope has been changed by Dr. Furman. He preferred us not to take apart the motor to replace the shaft and casing. Dr. Furman was fine with leaving the double-sided shaft sticking out, which made our team's decision easier.

-> We are not doing any changes to the motor that we purchased, as requested by Dr. Furman. Originally we are planning to design a housing for the motor to attach airless tire on it. Instead, we are designing a rounded steel case that wil…

Week 10: 10/24 - 10/31

This Week:

-> The Motor Housing is being designed. A big concern is making sure the wheel will fit the track, but guideway states the 3.5 inch thickness is fine.

-> Research is being done on options for tires, we want a tire that's at least 1 inch tall, to give us a full 10 inch wheel.

-> We are working on sourcing a controller for the motors. An issue for us right now is finding a motor that has the right pin input for the 9-pin round output the motor comes with.

-> Finalizing our order for the motors, go to Professor Furman to make sure we're making the right decision and that he knows what we're doing.

Next Week:

-> Do FEA on motor housing

-> Do any final modifications/FEA on shaft

-> Finalize CAD on both shaft and housing

-> Find a controller, make sure controls team and Professor Furman OK it.

-> Order controllers + motors

Week 9: 10/17 - 10/24

This week:

-> Got together as a team to work on presentation

-> Also meet up with other teams to make sure that all information is up-to-date and the same.

-> We are currently in contact with XOFO motors about a recommended motor, since MAC Motor has been unresponsive.

-> Ran kinematic simulations on the motor XOFO recommended.

-> Calculated outputs of our motor to make sure we have enough output to move bogie

Since we have decided to go with another motor:

-> Drew preliminary CAD drawings our shaft

-> Ran FEA on our designed shaft

-> Got an invoice for 6 motors without controller

-> Updated Gnatt chart: motors are currently delayed but on schedule for everything else.

-> Spoke with Dr. Furman about reducing the number of motors needed in order to save money

Next Week:

-> Continue CAD design of shaft and motor casing

-> Keep in contact with XOFO, MAC Motor, QS, and TDCM about motor

-> Purchase Motors (4)