Week 7: 10/03 - 10/10

On October 03, 2018:

-> Following up with the projects, we met with our mentor to narrow down the motor that we are going to use for Makers Faire.

- Motor type:  M12500 - 3A by MAC motor
- Brushless DC hub motor
- Rated Power: 600 - 1000 [W]
- Rated Voltage: 36 [V] / 48 [V]
- Speed: 2000 - 4000 [RPM]

We are currently keeping in contact with MAC motor for more detail information, such as:
- Customizing planetary gearbox
- Exact dimensions of the motor
- Possibly customizing shaft design and length

-> We spoke with the control team to discuss KBL controller for controlling the motor speed. KBL controllers are a device that sees voltage and converts that into motor speed.

-> We spoke with our mentor about our concern about the motor overheating while running at 2 miles per hour for few minutes during Makers Faire. We believed that in order for the bogie to run at 2 miles per hour, our motor has to run at a low RPM. However, according to the specs provided by MAC motor, the M12500 - 3A motor will run from 2000 to 4000 rpm. A solution we came up after discussing with our mentor was to use a planetary gearbox to help to provide more stall torque power and reduce RPM. In a way, we want to decrease the speed of the bogie while increasing the RPM of the motor to avoid overheating.

-> We talked about Tesla Pump as an additional system to avoid overheating of the motor.

Future plans:
-> Decide on the gear ratios of planetary gearbox for motor
-> Decide on how to mount planetary gearbox to the motor (design casing)
-> Design shaft for customization


  1. Great post! According to the schedule (see the main post by me on the SpartanSuperway.blogspot), your team should be working on your designs required for your particular project.

    This week I want to see some initial sketches / CAD work done, and where you intend on mounting your planetary gearbox (are you designing this, or is MAC motors providing this??).

    I would also like to see how you will design your drive shaft to enable all 4 drive wheels to work together.

    How will you mount your motors to the chassis?

    What system did Tesla Pump provide in regards to cooling the motor?


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